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Cold Sores

Syracuse Cold Sores Specialist

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) that is transmitted by kissing, skin contact, and the sharing of towels and utensils with someone infected. Most people are first infected with it before the age of ten when they get a fever, swollen neck glands, sore gums and throat. The virus then becomes dormant or “hides” in facial nerves and approximately half of Americans are no longer affected by it.

The other half regretfully experience secondary or recurrent episodes that may be initiated by stress, dental and lip trauma, illness, or sun exposure. In these instances, one or more tiny “fever blisters” appear on the lip and then pop and form painful “cold sores” that crust in four days and generally heal within ten to fourteen days. Such outbreaks are painful, subject to lifelong recurrence, and without a cure.

Fortunately, the discomfort, duration, and frequency of secondary episodes can be mitigated by antiviral medication prescribed by TLC Dental Group, a recognized specialist in cold sores. As these medications are most effective when taken at the beginning of an outbreak, you should seek prompt treatment from TLC Dental Group with the onset of the tingling, burning or itching sensations that precede “fever blisters.”

An immune system weakened by disease or medication could be further compromised by a secondary episode of HSV-1 and pose serious health risks. Under these circumstances, you should seek immediate treatment from TLC Dental Group if

  • Lip or mouth sores persist longer than one week
  • The sores make it hard for you to talk or swallow
  • You develop a fever
  • You have a second outbreak of blisters

In treating your cold sores we will carefully examine your condition for any complications and prescribe appropriate medication to relieve your pain, expedite the healing, and reduce the frequency and severity of future episodes.


Dr. Rothenberg believes that “excellent dental care should not be reserved for the privileged few.”  Accordingly, TLC Dental Group has long been recognized not only for the excellence of its cold sores treatment but also for its affordability.  We take pride in preserving your teeth and your wallet.

Gentle Comfort

For more than a quarter of a century our calling card has been “WE CATER TO COWARDS” and over this time we have set the Syracuse benchmark for “Gentle Dentistry.”  Throughout your cold sores treatment we will allay your concerns with our comforting staff, ambiance, amenities, anesthetics, and our unwavering commitment to your care and comfort.

For definitions related to cold sores consult Dr. Rothenberg’s Dental Dictionary. And for prompt examination and treatment of your cold sores, please call the TLC Dental Group Fayetteville / Manlius office at (315) 637-7684 or click here to email us.

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