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Rotadent Toothbrush

TLC Rotadent Toothbrush

The TLC Rotadent Toothbrush made by Zila is a professional dental instrument that is available only through dentists. It is a perfect complement to our Recare and STM programs as it uniquely and effectively militates against periodontal disease, cavities, and tooth discoloration.

Distinctive Features

  • Designed to protect and preserve normal teeth as well as veneers, bondings, crowns, bridges, implants, and braces.
  • A rotary brush head provides 360 degree sweeping action at a speed of 1,350 revolutions per minute
  • Proprietary MicroAccess filaments offer unrivaled reach below the gum line and into tight spaces to treat and prevent periodontal disease
  • Three bush heads
    Hollow – for cleaning, polishing, and delivery of medications
    Short – for cleaning and polishing, particularly around braces
    Long – for orthodontics, fixed bridges, and sweeping under the gum
  • Three bushing modes: normal, gentle, and specialty


TLC Rotadent vs. Manual Toothbrush

Quite simply, the TLC Rotadent has rendered the manual toothbrush obsolete in maintaining your dental health and Dream Smile.

  • The TLC Rotadent was clinically proven to remove 92% of plaque in its first minute of use, twice as fast as a manual toothbrush.
  • In a ten year study, almost 70% of Rotadent users exhibited good to very good oral hygiene levels compared to 25% for manual toothbrush users.


The proprietary MicroAccess filaments on the Rotadent® fit into tight interproximal spaces that conventional brushes can’t reach. These filaments, along with the 360-degree sweeping action — a feature only found on the Rotadent® — clean out plaque and bacteria from these difficult-to-reach areas.

TLC Rotadent vs. Drugstore Electric Toothbrushes

The comparison between a TLC Rotadent and a drugstore electric toothbrush is akin to that of a TLC tooth whitening and a drugstore tooth whitening. There is simply no comparison. The TLC Rotadent dramatically outperforms any drugstore electric toothbrush as evidenced by this video.

Lifetime Warranty

Further attesting to the disparity in quality and performance between a TLC Rotadent and a drugstore electric toothbrush is the limited Lifetime Warranty that you enjoy with a TLC Rotadent.

Maintain Your Dental Health and Dream Smile

Because of its exceptional cleaning capacity for teeth and gums the TLC Rotadent is the centerpiece of TLC Dental’s Soft Tissue Management Program that enables you to attain and maintain your dental health. And in this way it contributes invaluably to your “Dream Smile”.

More Information

For more information on the TLC Rotadent and for a demonstration of its distinctive features and personal instruction on its use, please call the TLC Dental Group Fayetteville / Manlius office at 315-637-7684 or click here to email us.

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