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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening for Your Dream Smile

A smile has many meanings. For Estee Lauder “beauty, health, and happiness reside in your smile.” For Yves Saint-Laurent “a smile is the most important thing you wear.” For TLC Dental Group, the home of “Gentle Dentistry,” professional teeth whitening is essential for our celebrated “Dream Smiles.” Unlike drugstore dental whitening our direct and indirect teeth whitening methods are personalized for optimum protection and brightness. Indeed, patients call our professional tooth whitening “dental magic” for safely, comfortably, and quickly transforming stained and discolored teeth into a dazzling smile. If you are dissatisfied with a dull smile, please call us now at (315)-637-7684 for award winning teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Syracuse NY

Tooth Whitening

  • Removes teeth stains from drinking coffee, tea, colas, and red wine
  • Removes teeth stains from eating pigmented food such as cherries and blueberries
  • Removes teeth stains from smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Removes teeth stains from various medications
  • Removes discoloration from tartar deposits and bacterial pigmentation
  • Brightens dull colored teeth
  • Creates your “Dream Smile”

Safe Teeth Whitening Procedure

TLC professional tooth whitening is either directly supervised with the Polus Whitening Accelerator or indirectly supervised with custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. In both approaches the first step is a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to determine their suitability for tooth whitening and an appropriate method for treating surface (extrinsic) and interior (intrinsic) teeth stains. Our careful teeth whitening procedure assures your dental health and safety.


Teeth Whitening with the Polus Whitening Accelerator

If the dental examination is favorable for teeth whitening, we roll out the Polus Teeth Whitening Accelerator by Beyond Dental, the ultimate in tooth whitening technology. Its distinctive LightBridge system combines halogen and LED light sources for superior teeth whitening power while advanced filtration ensures your safety by removing all harmful heat and ultraviolet output. Three flexible settings tailor the treatment to your tooth sensitivity level and a detachable LED curing light enables spot whitening of a single tooth.

A Polus Teeth Whitening Treatment consists of three safe and successive 10 minute sessions. It begins with a hygienic cleaning and polishing of your teeth. This is followed by setting the Polus for your tooth sensitivity level, securing your gum and lip tissue with a protective gel, and then applying a specially formulated whitening gel to your teeth that is activated by the Polus LightBridge system. After each of the first two sessions we remove and then reapply the tooth whitening gel. We monitor your three 10 minute sessions while you relax and watch a selection of your choice on a Panasonic HDTV while your teeth stains and discoloration dissolve into a “Dream Smile”.

Custom-Fitted Tray Activated Dental Whitening

If the dental examination is favorable for teeth whitening and you prefer indirectly supervised tooth whitening, we begin with a hygienic cleaning and polishing of your teeth. This is followed by taking a detailed impression of your teeth to create individualized, custom-fitted trays for your upper and lower teeth. We then give you the personalized trays, properly formulated whitening gel, and detailed teeth whitening treatment instructions for two hour daily or nightly applications during a period of about two weeks. At the end of this period, you will have a bright and shining smile.

TLC Teeth Whitening vs. Drugstore Whitening

Drugstore and supermarket shelves hold an array of tooth whitening products in the form of toothpastes, tooth whitening strips, tooth whitening pens, dental rinses, and tooth whitening kits. They far surpass us in marketing. We far surpass them in bright and healthy smiles.

  • 90% of TLC Dental Group teeth whitening procedures are successful. Drugstore tooth whitening success is questionable.
  • TLC Dental Group carefully determines the optimum tooth whitening gel calibration, ranging from 20% to 45%, for each patient. Drugstore tooth whitening gel is a one-size-fits-all 3%.
  • TLC Dental Group tooth whitening can lighten teeth by 3 to 8 shades; drugstore tooth whitening by 1 shade.
  • The results of one 30 minute TLC Polus teeth whitening treatment far surpass those of drugstore teeth whitening products lasting weeks or months.
  • TLC Dental Group tooth whitening will not jeopardize your health. Our thorough dental exam disqualifies from treatment those patients whose health would be at risk including patients with tooth cavities, cracked dental fillings, unduly thin tooth enamel, active gum disease, exposed dental roots, allergy to peroxide, and patients who are under suitable age, pregnant or lactating. Drugstore teeth whitening products do not examine you for these risks and can be harmful to your health.
  • We custom fit your teeth whitening trays or mouthpiece to maximize tooth whitening gel exposure to your teeth and minimize any exposure to your gums and soft tissue. Drugstores offer ill-fitting, “one-size fits all” tooth whitening trays that allow bleaching gel to seep into and inflame dental gums and soft tissue.

In sum, TLC Dental Group professional teeth whitening gives you a far more dazzling and healthy smile than drugstore tooth whitening. And your stunning TLC smile is achieved in far less time than your token drugstore smile.

Teeth Whitening Durability

The durability of teeth whitening largely depends on good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups. Proper care will greatly extend the luster of teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Appearance

TLC Dental Group teeth whitening perfectly reflects our motto “The Art of Gentle Dentistry.” Our professional teeth whitening procedure provides for your comfort, your safety, your health, and your radiant appearance. And in professionally and artfully whitening your teeth, we add dazzle to your “Dream Smile.”

Gentle Dental

For more than a quarter of a century our calling card has been “We Cater to Cowards” and over this time we have set the Syracuse, NY dentist benchmark for “Gentle Dental.” Throughout your teeth whitening procedure we will allay your concerns with our comforting staff, ambiance, amenities, and our unwavering commitment to your care and comfort.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Dr. Rothenberg believes that “excellent dental care should not be reserved for the privileged few” and that dental cost, particularly professional teeth whitening cost, should be affordable. Accordingly, TLC Dental Group has long been recognized not only for the superiority of its teeth whitening but also for its affordability. We are “Affordable Dental” and proudly preserve your teeth and your wallet.

More Information

For definitions related to teeth whitening and professional teeth whitening consult Dr. Rothenberg’s Dental Dictionary. To learn how you might benefit from professional teeth whitening by a skilled Syracuse teeth whitening dentist please call the TLC Dental Group Fayetteville / Manlius, NY dentist office at (315)-637-7684 or click here to email us.

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