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Tooth Extraction

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Gentle Tooth Extraction Specialist

Although we make every effort to preserve our patient’s teeth, there are times when tooth extraction is necessary to maintain both dental and general health. TLC Dental Group, the home of “Gentle Dentistry,” is a leading Syracuse dentist and specialist in modern and comfortable tooth extraction. We have years of experience in gentle tooth extraction with generations of devoted patients. If you are suffering from tooth pain and discomfort that  you feel might require a tooth extraction please phone TLC Dental Group for immediate dental counsel.

Causes of Tooth Extraction

There are multiple causes of tooth extraction.  The severity of tooth decay and tooth abscess in teeth or gums may mandate tooth extraction. Extra teeth may need to be extracted to allow normal teeth to come in properly and irreparably broken teeth may require dental extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Certain wisdom teeth extraction procedures may be required including misaligned wisdom tooth extraction, impacted wisdom tooth extraction, and partially erupted wisdom tooth extraction.  For more on wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction click here.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

In cases of acute dental distress emergency tooth extraction may be necessary and you should immediately phone TLC Dental Group at (315) 637-7684 for assistance.

Importance of Tooth Extraction

Failure to extract a tooth under these and other extreme conditions might enable infection to spread to other areas of the mouth and body, threatening gum tissue and other teeth, prolonging dental pain, and even fostering the dire systemic problems depicted in this graph.

TLC Gentle Tooth Extraction Procedure

If you feel that a tooth might require extraction you should promptly contact TLC Dental Group for diagnosis, consultation,  and treatment. We will digitally X-Ray and carefully examine the tooth and surrounding area. If tooth extraction is deemed necessary, we will then discuss with you the most effective course of dental extraction and your options for replacing your lost tooth.

We also will present you with our reassuring options for anesthetics or sedation to provide for your peace of mind and complete comfort. And upon completion of the procedure we will give you detailed instructions on post tooth extraction care to provide for your continued comfort and dental health.

Tooth Extraction

Gentle Dental

For more than a quarter of a century our calling card has been “We Cater to Cowards” and over this time we have set the Syracuse, NY dentist benchmark for “Gentle Dental.”  Throughout your gentle tooth extraction procedure we will allay your concerns with our comforting staff, ambiance, amenities, anesthetics, sedation, and our unwavering commitment to your care and comfort.

Affordable Tooth Extraction

Dr. Rothenberg believes that “excellent dental care should not be reserved for the privileged few” and that dental cost, particularly the cost of tooth extraction, should be affordable. Accordingly, TLC Dental Group has long been recognized not only for the acclaimed gentleness of its tooth extraction procedure but also for its affordability.  We are “Affordable Dental” and proudly preserve your dental health and your wallet.

More Information

For definitions related to dental extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, impacted wisdom tooth extraction, and broken tooth extraction consult Dr. Rothenberg’s Dental Dictionary. And for prompt consultation on tooth extraction with a skilled tooth extraction dentist please call the TLC Dental Group Fayetteville / Manlius dentist office at (315) 637-7684 or click here to email us.

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