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"We Cater To Cowards"

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Insurance: We Fight for Your Dental Health


We work with most insurance plans and if you have dental coverage please bring your dental policy benefit book to your first appointment. After a review of your dental history and a thorough and careful dental examination, we shall review with you the best treatment options for your dental and general health.

If certain necessary procedures are not covered or insufficiently covered by your policy we will put on the gloves and fight for your health with the insurance company.

This is important for several reasons.

We’re not just talking about your dental health and “Dream Smile.” From the Nexus of Dental and General Health part of our Treatments section, we know that modern research is revealing a closer relationship between your dental health and general health. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease can reach far beyond the oral cavity and may affect all of the body’s systems and organs.

No one should be denied treatment essential to their dental and general health. But insurance companies love to say no. That’s when we put on the gloves and won’t take no for an answer. We study your case and the requirements of your policy and reinforce your claim with the documentation needed to get a “yes” answer.

Simply put, our policy at TLC Dental is this: You and your dentist and not profit driven insurance companies can best judge what is necessary for your dental and general health.