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Orthophos XG 5

Reflective of TLC’s cutting edge technology is the Orthophos XG 5 made by Sirona, a company that traces its lineage to the first manufacturer of X-ray equipment. A premier instrument of “panorex” imaging, the Orthophos XG 5 embodies this Sirona heritage. Its CAN bus technology and high speed interface deliver ultra fast performance and its CCD sensors provide high quality panorex images. In turn, these exceptional digital images enhance the distinctive dental treatments of TLC.

The Orthophos XG 5 also enhances the safety of our patients. Its horizontal scanning sensor captures each portion of an image in a fraction of a second, thereby providing maximum image resolution of the resulting digital image.

Not only is the Orthophos XG 5 safe and quick, it also is friendly. Its three point positioning assures the comfort of TLC patients. So amazing and reassuring are its dimensions that our patients often feel as though they are at the helm of the Starship Enterprise.